ROOter Builds

This is an official repository of ROOter build system components and instructions from DairyMan of OfModemsAndMen.

NEW on 2021-07-18: Dairyman, with the support of other developers, has implemented an autobuilds system which periodically generates fresh, up-to-date 19.07.6 images with standard options for the most common supported routers (47 models at the start). If you're installing a new system on one of these supported models and don't need any special modules built in, we recommend you try an autobuild image first.

For more general information about the ROOter fork of OpenWRT, see the OfModemsAndMen website, the official home of ROOter.

For support in using ROOter, see the extremely helpful but extremely long ROOter support thread at Whirlpool Forums. While it may (at this time) already be over 1000 pages long, it is actively monitored by the lead developer and many supporting developers and active users, and will usually be the fastest and most thorough means of support.

Specifically, if you're having trouble with:

	ROOter itself or,
		ask for user dairyman (a.k.a. DM)
		(the lead developer)

	This Builds folder or,
		ask for user nathhad
		or contact via that username at gmail.

If you're looking instead for the folder full of custom and updated ROOter builds from DM, look here.

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